Satanic Grimoire Sexual Seducer Ritual Of Extreme Pleasure magick lust demon

Satanic Grimoire Sexual Seducer Ritual Of Extreme Pleasure magick lust demon

The ultimate in transmogrification and sexual pleasures are supercharged within this Blood Lust rite. We have traveled the world over for this unique, potent and full-affinity bound ritual, direct from The Vampyre Underground. Never before has this been offered, and this is the only one we know of in existence. This potent haunted ritual fuses the cryptic energies of one male and one female essence combined, to enrapture you with the most powerful sexual prowess known within the Multiverse and beyond. Vampyric energy has been known throughout the ages as mystical, romantic, sexual, persuasive, manipulative, and dripping with raw passion. This is no secret. However, the secret to this intense and sought-after sexually charged Tantric Vampyric energy is bound within the confines of this potent rite. Only an Elite member of the Underground clan has access to this otherworldly knowledge, in which members need complete affinity binding and teachings to offer this information up. We are among the privileged and rare covens to have this delicious secret, which we now offer to you in this full-affinity bound Blood Lust Tantric spellwork. Male energy from this ritual is fully nocturnal, capable of transmutation, transmogrification and shapeshifting. His energy will encompass you, thrill you, and take you to the ultimate level of sexual satisfaction. He is summoned and emerges as a wind, or breeze, often transparent and highly elusive. You feel his energy; he operates as elemental energy. Stronger potent libido, hormonal increases and intensely sexual encounters are offered to you, as the summoner of this vessel. Your sexual experiences are guaranteed to be taken to the next level of insatiable, kinky, delicious sexual pleasure. You choose your sexual target and whether you desire them psychically or physically…and let the male essence of raw vampire energy do the rest. Physical transmogrification Psychic transmutation Intense passion, sexual energy, Insurmountable pleasure Mental emotional transmutation Dominating sexual libido Unsurpassed nocturnal emissions Verbal persuasion Manipulation Full-affinity domination Shapeshifting Unimind manipulation Female energy from this ritual is both diurnal and nocturnal; her energy is felt around the clock, promising security, pleasure, passion, love, and intense alluring and manipulative capabilities. Her skills are not just for sexual pleasures; she is a keen authority on manipulating all environmental situations to appease herself to her full benefit. She is sexually charged with intense magnetic energy, and highly skilled in the gift of verbal persuasion. This custom conjuration contains both raw, ethereal and powerful energy hailing from the elusive Vampyre Underground, for the most complete and potent all-encompassing vampyric ritual within the Multiverse. Both masculine and feminine energy encompass this custom rite, providing the summoner with a comprehensive and complex experience of pure alchemical energy! ! Please note that all of my auctions are private so you will remain anonymous. I value all of my customers and will do everything to make sure you have a pleasant experience with my paranormal items! I also want you to know that your vessels are packaged with care. They are wrapped in bubble wrap if they are breakable. I don't want anything to happen to my spirit children. If you feel that a certain spirit is calling to you or you may notice you are being drawn back to a certain one then make no mistake as you may just be the one they are searching for. Do not be afraid to message me as I am flexible and I will work with you on prices as well.       Per e Bay's policy, I must state that I am not to be held responsible for any paranormal occurrences that may or may not happen. Each person experiences things differently and in a different manner. You must be 18 years old to bid on any of my auctions. Item sold as-is. You are bidding on an actual item. These items should never be used in replace of any medical needs. You are bidding on a tangible item.      Please make payment within 3 days of auction ending unless other arrangements have been made. I ship everything via Priority mail unless specified otherwise. I can downgrade your international shipping if you notify BEFORE you checkout, but the package must be under 4 pounds. I ship Monday- Friday normally and 1-2 days after payment has been made. I do not ship on weekends or holidays.  

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