Available Usage Year 2019- FREE Usage Type                                 FLOAT WKS 1-52 Bed/ Bathroom 2 B/2 B  Week/ Points                                         FLOATS Unit 701 Season RED Usage Interval                                         ANNUAL Estimated Maintenance Fee Amount $515 EVERY YEAR Exchange Affiliate RCI Related  Fees Closing Fee ( Paid By Seller)                                   $349.00 Resort Transfer Fee ( Paid By Seller)                                   $ FREE Recording Fee ( Paid By Seller)                                       n/a WINNING BIDDER WILL RECEIVE FREE USE FOR 2019!!!!! MAINTENANCE FEE STARTS 2020 Your St. Augustine vacation awaits at The St. Augustine Beach and Tennis Resort, where you’ll find a wonderful range of vacation rentalswith resort-style amenities. ​ Our 2-bedroom, 2-bath villas and 2-bedroom, 2.5 bath townhome rentals are within walking distance from the sparkling blue Atlantic ocean, so take a stroll from your vacation rental down our private beach walkway to the wide white sandy beach. You can even drive on the stretch of beach near our resort! Some units also provide a membership to the Atlantic Beach and Tennis Resort with a fitness center, indoor/outdoor pool and 8 private tennis courts. »  All question and concerns must be addressed before the bid is placed! Any concerns in regards to the ownership such as; property verification, particular details, deed, ownership documents or estoppel, must be addressed before placing a bid. Seller will not provide any additional information at the end of the auction until buyer completes signed purchase agreement and submits full funds in escrow. »  Do your due diligence and research the resort/ownership before biding! As a whole seller we provide every piece of information available to us in the listing and encourage all buyers to research the property before bidding. Internet is a great tool and provides various sites and links for more information on usage, resort and units. Many developers have websites for each resort that provide detailed information on the property and its amenities. »  There are no returns or exchanges! What Happens When I win? »  Please email us through e Bay your basic information: NAME, ADDRESS, PHONE #, EMAIL and ITEM NUMBER. ( All of which is required within 24 hours of ending auction) »  Within 48 hours of receiving this information. You will receive your purchase agreement from the closing company. How do I Pay? »  All payment options will be listed on the last page of your contract. »  Please do not use e Bay check out (disabled for most auctions). This is a Real Estate transaction and all payments must be made to the title company handling the closing (e Bay check out may delay the closing). »  In order to begin the transfer process, title company MUST have both; payment and signed purchase agreement. »  Accepted Payment methods are: Personal, Company or Cashier’s checks Credit Cards Electronic Bank Wire E- Check The closing company will send you a paypal request.  Who is handling the closing and how long does it take? »  Title company will collect full funds and hold them during the transfer process. »  Two things are required to begin the transfer: A legible copy of all parties listed on ownership driver's license and Full Funds. (if one is missing closing will not take place) »  Duration of the closing period depends on many important aspects including, but not limited to: County In most U. S. county’s 30 days, since paperwork must be mailed out to them, NOT including CA and HI. Some counties are set on electronic recording, thus enabling instant recording. Anything outside of U. S MIGHT need additional time, due to the legal aspects and their parties. Buyer response time In cases where buyer must sign additional paperwork provided by the resort or title company. Management Companies Many resorts use management companies to control financial and owner communication aspects of the timeshare, many of which have to prepare their own transfer documents. Depending on the management company up to 8 weeks to prepare and then forward them to the title company and additional 6 weeks to complete them ones received back from title. Developers/ Resorts Certain developers require additional steps before recording or ordering of any paperwork begins, such as FROR (first right of refusal), which can take up to 30 days. All of these steps are generalizations of the closing process and each of the ownerships has its own closing process. That is why we use an experienced title company to handle all of the closings.  Estimated closing for most of the transfers is 60-90 days (many timeshares may transfer within 30). FREE use based on resort availability and the resorts ability to complete the transfer in time. Timeshares4u or the closing company do not guarantee FREE use or that this will transfer in time. If FREE use is received, this will be considered a bonus to the buyer.   We cannot control the ownership due to it being in the owners name at the resort level and even though the owner may agree to relinquish the usage as an incentive we have no control over them depositing the ownership with their exchange company or using the week themselves.   The closing company will provide you with the owners contract details so you may call the resort directly to confirm use is still available for the mentioned year before proceeding with purchase. 

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SaleClic specifics for: ST AUGUSTINE BEACH & TENNIS CLUB TIMESHARE 2B/2B FREE 2019 USE! ST AUGUSTINE, FL Seller: timeshares4u Reviews: 386 Positive Feedback: 100.0% Location: Daytona Beach, Florida Ships to: None Item: 173994765819 Number of Bedrooms: 2 Property Address: 3942 A1A S State/Province: Florida Seller State of Residence: Missouri Maintenance Fees (dollars): 515 Number of Bathrooms: 2 Zip/Postal Code: 32080 Demand Color Code: Red - High City: St Augustine Type: Beach/Ocean Resort Name: St Augustine Beach & Tennis Club