Linotype Type Metal Alloy Lead, Clean Metal, 16 lbs 8 oz Typecasting or Bullets

Linotype Type Metal Alloy Lead, Clean Metal, 16 lbs 8 oz Typecasting or Bullets

For auction is a 16 pound 8 ounce box of good clean Linotype metal, an alloy of 84% lead, 12% antimony, and 4% tin.  This was standing type (for the most part) kept on galleys to the point it was just dead metal destined for the hell box.  It is free of impurities such as copper and magnesium, and as such is ready for linecasting or for toning pure lead for the making of bullets. If it makes any difference to you, some of the metal in this box is part of my type catalog which showed my Linotype faces.  Nearly all matter is cut to 30 picas. This will ship in a USPS small Flat rate box for $7.90.  If you win multiple auctions, these would be shipped in a medium Flat Rate box ( I can fit up to 4 small flat rate boxes in a medium flat rate box).  If you do win multiple bids, please wait to pay until I've invoiced you with the correct shipping amount.  I will ship to locations outside of the United States, but chose not to use the e Bay International option -- that's just an additional expense for you, and I'm not afraid to fill out a customs form. Thank you. Why are you selling things? Since the death of my wife Donna last year, I have lost interest in several areas; that, coupled with the need to downsize collections and to make sure that my own children aren’t faced with three storage units of printing machinery, and a garage and house full of “stuff” means that this e Bay page will be devoted to selling personal and letterpress items.  I have no intentions whatsoever to make this into a retail page; indeed, proceeds will go to-wards paying off medical bills and student loans.  How are returns handled? If there is a problem with an item you have purchased, please immediately contact me – I don’t want you to be dissatisfied at all.  If I can’t work out something to your satisfaction, send the item back to me postpaid, and I will refund your purchase price (assuming someone didn’t switch items or let their dog play with it before returning it).  Basically, I want to treat you the way I want to be treated when I buy something via e Bay.  Do you ship overseas? You betcha!  Shipping can be arranged to virtually any point on the globe – mind you, shipping may kill you, but I am more than willing to send items overseas.  One caveat is that letterpress items are generally heavy, and in the past I remember sending a font of Ludlow matrices to Italy; the shipping was three times the cost of the mats.  I do not participate in the e Bay Global Shipping Program -- all that does is to ramp up shipping costs to the ridiculous level. Can I choose my own shipper? Probably not.  I am a Mail Processing Clerk for the Springfield, Missouri Processing and Distribution Center ( P& DC), and frankly, I want to provide job security for myself and others.  However, knowing the post office as I do means that I will use every trick of the trade to ensure that your package is properly wrapped, labeled, and I’ll make darn sure that I’m sending whatever to a good address; part of my job entails handling mis-routed parcels,and I don’t want your package to go astray.  UPS and Fed Ex are good at what they do, but USPS handles more pieces of mail in a single day than UPS does in an entire year.  What is Priority Flat Rate shipping? The USPS offers flat rate shipping based on package size alone, and this can save you a great deal of money getting your parcel.  Whenever possible, and especially with heavy shipments, I will ship using USPS Priority Flat Rate boxes.  I’ve shipped as much as 50 pounds in a medium box before, and the savings by using Priority Flat rate packaging over standard shipping approached $50.00.  Again, I will use my inside knowledge of the post office to always try and find the best shipping value for you before I even list an item.  Do you charge sales tax? No.  Do you have a brick and mortar location? No.  This operation is being run out of my house and off of my kitchen table.  I do have three storage units filled with letterpress appurtenances, and a double garage filled with stuff.  But you can’t come rooting around in it all.  Do you offer local pickup? Even though I do not have a brick and mortar location, any purchaser in the greater Springfield, Missouri area is welcome to arrange for local pickup.  Due to my work schedule, this may be a bit restrictive.  However, on large letterpress items, the only way to get them would be local pickup.  Either way, I’ll be glad to work with you.  Can I trade with you? No – that’s flat against e Bay rules, so of course not.  Are there payment options other than Pay Pal? Yes, although Pay Pal is my preferred method.   A personal cheque is fine, but I will have to hold your item until the cheque has cleared your bank.  If you want to pay in silver coin or silver-clad coin, I will figure out what your total would be based on spot silver prices.  I don’t accept first-born children or cattle (besides, you aren’t buying a wife), and generally look at cashier’s cheques as if they smell of three-week old Nigerian tuna.  Do you accept debit or credit cards? Not at present.  This may change in the future.

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