LAPTOP REPAIR - HP Spectre X360 13-4030CA 13-4050CA Motherboard 801505-501

LAPTOP REPAIR - HP Spectre X360 13-4030CA 13-4050CA Motherboard 801505-501

ONLY FOR REPAIR AND SERVICE OF YOUR DEFECTIVE LAPTOP DO NOT LEAVE A NEGATIVE FEEDBACK OR OPEN A CLAIM before contacting us, We at Compu Genie Inc strive for excellent customer service! We Open Monday-to- Friday from 10:00am-to-6:30pm EST   Please call for REPAIR# in order to send your laptop for service to Compu Genie   MOTHERBOARD REPAIR ( Prices) -          DC- Jack Replacement $50.00 -          Repair Laptop & All- In- One Models $70.00 (only old model) -          Repair Dell XPS 2710 Models $100.00 -   Shipping cost $15.00 LAPTOP REPAIR ( Prices) -         Laptop DC- Jack Replacement $80.00 -         Laptop  Repair & All- In- One $100.00 -        Dell XPS 2710  All- In- One $150.00 -    Gaming Laptops $150.00 -       i Mac & Mac Book Pro $160.00 -        Mac Book Air $200.00 -   Shipping Cost $20.00 ( All- In- One $40.00) All repairs include BGA/ GPU chip replacement. BGA/ GPU  Definition: They are those chips embedded on the board such as Video Chip, Chipset, Northbridge,  Southbridge, and VRAM Memories. Note:  If your model is not listed we will create an e Bay listing according to your model. Laptop repair includes disassembly & assembly plus repair of motherboard or any other part. ( Replacement parts will have an additional charge) Repair will take 1-2 business days. If we cannot repair your motherboard due to any damage beyond repairable, all money previously paid will be refunded less return shipping cost. You will only pay for shipping back to you. We specialize in Laptop Motherboard repairs to Level Component for Compaq, HP, Toshiba, Gateway, Samsung, Lenovo, IBM, Acer, Asus, Sony, Dell, Apple etc. We are able to repair motherboard as simple problems as dc jack replacement as well as no post, no power, no video, etc. We have the ability to replace internal Video RAM, Video chips, and Chipset since we work with the latest technology in  BGA/ GPU  Rework System machines capable to do Lead- Free boards up to a size of 18”x24”. Give us a call from Monday-to- Friday 10-6:30pm EST to get a  REPAIR# to send your board or laptop. If needed we will list an e Bay auction for your model. All boards and laptops repair will have 90 days warranty from the date of the invoice. Return Policy: If you received an item previously repaired and is failing or fail during the 90-days warranty period, we will repair it again under warranty at no cost to you or will refund your money in the case that we could not repair it. Customer service is our priority and we are willing to work with you in case you are not happy with the service performed, please contact us for any issues you might have,  DO NOT LEAVE A NEGATIVE FEED BACK OR OPEN A CLAIM before contacting us for a settlement. Packing and Handling: Items are treated carefully and packed in anti static bags, boxed individually and cover with foam or bubble wrap on both side. Shipping: All items repaired will ship the same day if they are PAID. We use Fed Ex ground or USPS Priority Mail for $15.00 for motherboard and $20.00 for Laptops to anywhere in USA. Fed Ex standard to Canada for $30.00 and USPS Priority Mail service for international shipment for $38.00 to most places in the world. Combine shipping is available for quantities of 2 or more. Puerto Rico shipping is Fed Ex for $25.00 or USPS for $13.00 but shipping cost may vary depending on the zone. Service Order Disclaimer 1. Receipts are required at the time of service request for all warranty repairs. 2. I understand parts availability may affect completion time. 3. Replacement parts will be new or rebuilt parts that perform to the factory operational specifications of the product. 4. CPRS technicians are committed to provide the best technical service and will repair all apparent defects unless otherwise requested. 5. CPRS provides a 90-day warranty from the date of the repair on parts installed and 30-day in labor performed beyond cleanings. 6. I understand I must report any physical damage (i.e., dents or scratches) of units at time of pick up or received of the item. 7. UNCLAIMED GOODS I understand that this service form must be presented when picking up my completed product. When my product is complete, CPRS will attempt to notify me. CPRS accepts not responsibility for any product not picked up within 30 days after CPRS confirms that customer was contacted and notify. I agree that CPRS may dispose of any unclaimed goods and hereby release CPRS and waive any claims regarding such disposal. 8. A minimum labor charge is necessary for time spent by CPRS technicians troubleshooting my problem if no defect is found. Most factory warranties do not cover this cost. Other situations not covered under factory warranty include: -      Intentional or unintentional physical damage -      Acts of nature (e.g., lightning, floods, infestations, etc.) -      Cleaning, customer adjustments or instructions (e.g., fine-tuning) 9. CPRS will not be responsible for the loss of any information on the media of such products service by CPRS as DVD, CDRW, or similar. 10. COMPUTER REPAIRS I understand and agree that prior to any servicing of my computer or installing of computer peripherals, memory, software or upgrades it is my responsibility to make sure that my computer system has been completely backed up. CPRS will not be responsible for the loss of any information from my computer or for hardware that inadvertently fails while being serviced. I understand and agree that in some instances CPRS may not be able to access my computer's data due to pre-existing conditions of the computer or the data. If CPRS is unable to access information from my computer and/or detects a failure in any computer hardware component while being serviced, I understand that my system software will attempt to be restoring from factory. I understand that regardless whether or not I have requested a backup, and whether or not a backup was successfully made, CPRS is not responsible for any loss of data or for hardware that fails during the servicing of my computer. Thank you for your business.

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