Demoness Lilith Triarchic Infinity Bound Qliphothic Relic satanic magick demon

Demoness Lilith Triarchic Infinity Bound Qliphothic Relic satanic magick demon

Demoness Lilith Triarchic Infinity Bound Qliphothic Custom Spell Relic Behold! Exclusively yours is this gorgeous, rare and one-of-a-kind Qliphothic occult heirloom. This relic has been hand-selected for transmogrification by Lilith, the Queen of the Night and power-launched with her personal essence. Photos are untouched and the energy force field can be easily identified. Lilith is the true personification of demonic, dark, female energy; the sublime seductress of flesh. By holding this occult heirloom, keeping it with you always, the powers of Lilith are forever in your realm. Those persons within your aura become hypnotically bound to you, dizzy and delirious from your energy and complete domination over them. They are insatiably drawn to you, unable to control themselves, and forever submissive to your desires. This delicious occult relic works synergistically and transcendentally on your behalf. Through a powerful triarchic infinity binding ceremony, the relic becomes the beacon of exchange between you and the Demoness, Lilith. It is a living, breathing vessel, the personification of her life-force. Upon your energy exchange with it, the transference occurs, giving you the ultimate in Lilith’s abilities, powers and sensual dominance. You are fully protected psychically, physically and metaphysically through the osmotic and kinetic powers heralded within this heirloom. You are impenetrable; nothing and no one can penetrate you. In essence, you have become completely infinite and almighty powerful, as Lilith. Warning: The triarchic infinity binding transmogrification rite is extremely powerful and works on both physical and metaphysical levels. It is not uncommon to feel lightheaded or to experience physical sensations associated with this binding. Those taking psychotropic medication, those using recreational drugs or alcohol, or those with medical conditions should seek medical clearance by a medical professional prior to beginning the transmogrification rite. The Collective, its affiliates, employees and associates will not be held liable. * The buyer assumes all metaphysical and physical risks associated with this heirloom and ritual and fully understands the potential risks involved. We provide a highly potent, Ancient invocation and summoning conjuration with this occult heirloom. It is intended to begin the triarchic infinity binding process between you and Lilith, thus supercharging its potency for you, with its initial binding between you and Lilith. In order to cast this powerful rite of transmogrification, we will require you to complete a short questionnaire in order to gain your personal energy for power-launch casting. Permanent psychic protection Insatiable hypnotic sexuality Enrapturing and alluring seduction Permanent occult protection – become invincible to all psychic attacks Power Domination Full-affinity transcendental exchange Transmogrification of Lilith Succubi sexual rendezvous Otherworldly, superhuman beauty Magnetism; the ability to magnetize anyone! ! Please note that all of my auctions are private so you will remain anonymous. I value all of my customers and will do everything to make sure you have a pleasant experience with my paranormal items! I also want you to know that your vessels are packaged with care. They are wrapped in bubble wrap if they are breakable. I don't want anything to happen to my spirit children. If you feel that a certain spirit is calling to you or you may notice you are being drawn back to a certain one then make no mistake as you may just be the one they are searching for. Do not be afraid to message me as I am flexible and I will work with you on prices as well.       Per e Bay's policy, I must state that I am not to be held responsible for any paranormal occurrences that may or may not happen. Each person experiences things differently and in a different manner. You must be 18 years old to bid on any of my auctions. Item sold as-is. You are bidding on an actual item. These items should never be used in replace of any medical needs. You are bidding on a tangible item.      Please make payment within 3 days of auction ending unless other arrangements have been made. I ship everything via Priority mail unless specified otherwise. I can downgrade your international shipping if you notify BEFORE you checkout, but the package must be under 4 pounds. I ship Monday- Friday normally and 1-2 days after payment has been made. I do not ship on weekends or holidays.  

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