Bring Your Golf Score To Life eBook on CD

Bring Your Golf Score To Life eBook on CD

Bringing Your Golf Scores To Life! Remember what it was like the first time you picked up a golf club? The first time you took a swing at a golf ball? Chances are, if you’re like me it was at a driving range. What a fantastic place! Where else can you go and let our your frustrations, by swinging a club at a ball and driving it 200 yards downrange, and have a ton of fun at the same time? That’s what getting started with golf was like for me. I went to the driving range two to three times a week and spent hours just having fun. I wasn’t thinking about what club I was using, what the best approach to the green would be, or trying to read the green to make birdie with one putt. I was having a blast smashing that little white ball and driving it as far as I could. Then I got the idea that it would be a great time walking all over golf courses chasing that little white ball and trying to put it into a small cup. It sure wasn’t just taking a whack anymore. Now it was about strategy and scores. Now it was about choosing which number club to use. What approach do I take in reading my next putt? I love golf, but it was more like operating a business than spending time playing my favorite sport. Decisions, strategies, trying to think two strokes ahead.... it was work. I wasn’t relaxed. I didn’t feel refreshed after each round. I even started struggling with my scores. Instead of making par or under most of the time, I started finishing with ten to fifteen strokes over.

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